Right-wing celebrity Steven Crowder 'repeatedly' exposed himself as a 'power move':

Employees of right-wing YouTuber and "traditional masculinity" advocate Steven Crowder are coming out and describing a toxic, abusive workplace culture 


including allegations that Crowder "repeatedly" whipped his genitals out in front of subordinates to assert his dominance, reported the New York Post on Tuesday. 


Crowder, who became a meme with his "change my mind" debate table, has repeatedly come under fire for virulently racist and misogynistic commentary on his "Louder with Crowder" show. 


"The Post spoke to 10 former employees who claim Crowder ran an 'abusive' company, where he often screamed at his employees 


Including his own father — exposed his genitals, sent out directives to arbitrarily fire people and made underlings wash his dirty laundry," reported Kirsten Fleming. 

"The former staffers worked for the show at different times, from its inception in 2016 through 2022. The vast majority had left the company voluntarily. 

They requested anonymity because they either feared retaliation or had signed NDAs. 

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